Have Your Ducts Cleaned and Reduce Your Exposure to Allergens

Spring is in full force. Leaves are starting to return to the trees, flowers are blooming, and everything is coming back to life. However, blooming flowers and grasses air duct cleaning high springsmean it is officially allergy season. While limiting your time outside can help keep your allergy symptoms at bay, chances are that there are a multitude of different allergens circulating through your home every day. According to the EPA, the air in your home can be up to 10 times more polluted than the air you breathe outside. This means that, while you are trying to escape the allergens that are floating around outside, there is a chance that you are being exposed to even more allergens inside your home. If you suffer from allergies, a thorough air duct cleaning in your High Springs home can help keep your symptoms at bay.

Why is It Effective?

As air circulates throughout your home, dust, dirt, pet hair, and other substances start to accumulate inside your air ducts. Condensation from your heating and air conditioning systems allow for other bacteria and mold to grow inside your ducts, as well. If you air ducts are not cleaned regularly, these allergens will continue to circulate throughout your home causing your allergy symptoms to flare up. Having your air ducts cleaned will remove these particulates from your air ducts, thus improving your indoor air quality and reducing your exposure to allergy producing substances. Not only that, but better indoor air quality can also keep you and your family from getting sick and can help prevent the development of other diseases, such as asthma.

If you need to schedule an air duct cleaning, please do not hesitate to contact our team today.

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