Air Conditioning Refrigerants

In one of our most recent blogs, we talked a little bit about why your air conditioning unit might be frozen. We mentioned that one of the most common culprits behind a frozen air conditioner is a lack of heating and cooling gainesvillecoolant or a coolant leak. Over the years, the types of refrigerant used in air conditioning units have evolved and changed. Some of the first substances used were extremely toxic and harmful to the environment, however, they have now come up with different substances that are much safer to use.

Sulfur Dioxide and Ammonia

These two chemicals were among the most commonly used refrigerants in the earliest air conditioning equipment. However, these chemicals were found to be highly toxic and are no longer used in modern air conditioning equipment. They were replaced by newly developed refrigerants that were less toxic and harmful.


After sulfur dioxide and ammonia, freon quickly became the most commonly used refrigerant in air conditioning equipment. However, freon is also harmful to the environment. Therefore, this too, is slowly being phased out of use in favor of newly developed refrigerants that offer the same qualities as freon, but are more environmentally friendly.


While water can’t be used in traditional air conditioning equipment, it can be used as an effective refrigerant in geothermal heat pump systems. These systems use the ground outside your home to heat and cool your home.

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