When To Get Your HVAC Inspected

Your air conditioning unit may be running just fine, but your unit should be inspected by a profession at least once a year. How do you know if it’s time for you to schedule an inspection with your Gainesville air conditioning repair experts?

If you know for starters that it has been over a year since your last inspection, it’s best for you to schedule an appointment with an expert, even if your unit is still working properly. Your HVAC professional will air conditioning repair Gainesvilleensure that your unit is serviced and cleaned so that it continues to work properly.

Other instances where it might be time to have a professional inspect your unit, would be if you’ve noticed any changes in the quality of cooling. In one of our previous blogs, we discussed some ways to troubleshoot this problem. If your unit still isn’t cooling, schedule a maintenance appointment with your Gainesville air conditioning expert and find a solution.

Strange sounds, also touched on in a prior blog, are signs of needing an inspection. While the issue may be small, such as debris falling into the vent or loose bolts, any strange sound coming from your unit is a need for cleaning or servicing. Your air conditioning repair expert will clean out any debris that have fallen into the vent as well as tighten and secure any and all bolts.

If your unit fits any of these circumstances, visit our site for a speedy quote and schedule your annual HVAC inspection with your Gainesville air conditioning repair experts.

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