Do Closed Vents Save You Money?

ventBeing energy efficient and saving money is a concern for almost every individual with an air conditioning unit. On the hottest of summer days our units are running all day

and night making our energy consumption a concern. One question that we HVAC experts receive frequently is whether or not closing vents in rooms that often go unused will help cool down a home without using as much energy. It seems like the answer would be yes, but actually, the answer is no.

The vents throughout our homes are more complex than what you’d imagine. An air conditioning unit pulls air from the house through the return ducts and then pushes it back in the house through the ducts, meaning that each vent is not only used to push cool air out, but they are also pulling air in. When you close your vents, your unit begins to build up pressure in your ducts which is where the overall problem of closing your vents lies.  

When the pressure in your ducts gets too high, your unit will try to ramp up the motor in attempt to keep a proper air flow going. So what’s the problem with this? When your unit starts ramping up the motor it is using more energy to get that flow going. Add this extra flow to the pressure being built up and you are guaranteed to have ducts leaking air while also wasting energy. While you still may get great airflow, it’s costing you more. The same flow is attainable, and more energy and cost efficient, with all vents open.
If you are noticing low flow throughout your home, make sure that all ducts are open, even if only slightly. If doing so does not improve the airflow in your home, schedule a consultation with North Central Florida Air Conditioning, Inc. to see if there is any maintenance or repair needed for your unit. We want to ensure that you are getting the most out of your air conditioning unit and that you are keeping your home in Gainesville cool! Give us a call today! 855-600-9079.

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