Why Is Your High Pressure Control Tripping

If you’ve noticed that your air conditioning unit’s high pressure switch keeps tripping, there are a few reasons that it could be doing this. Here are some of the things to keep an eye out for, what they mean and how to handle them.

Dirty Outdoor Coil

This is an easy fix. Turn off the power and clean the coil with a garden hose.


Your air conditioning unit might be overcharged with refrigerant. Call a specialist to handle as this issue could cause greater damage to the unit.

Slow Fan Motor

If you notice that your fan is moving fairly slow it may be that your motors capacitor is blown. Referring to our past blog will help you in determining whether or not your capacitor is blown and give you the process of repairing it.

Motor Or Fan Going In The Wrong Direction

Your fan should be creating air that comes out of the vent. If you stick your hand over the vent and don’t feel any air coming out of the top, it may be that your motor or engine is going in the wrong direction and blowing air down.

High Temperatures

When temperatures get to be extremely high outside, 100 degrees and over, your high-pressure switch is more likely to trip. In these situations it’s always best to make sure that all of the above are taken care of since your unit needs to be properly maintained and cleaned to work under temperature conditions like these.
If you notice that your high pressure switch is tripping more often than it should, contact North Central Florida Air Conditioning Inc. We can give you a consultation on the condition of your Gainesville unit and tackle any of the repairs it needs.

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