Heating Problems You Might Encounter This Fall

In the fun and warmth of the summer sun, we forget to prepare ourselves for the Florida temperatures dropping. Maybe there’s a chance that at some point this summer, your air conditioning unit needed repairs, and you got your unit inspected then, but how long has it been since you’ve had your furnace or heating inspected? Some of the most common problems that the experts at North Central Florida Air Conditioning, Inc. see are that the furnace isn’t heating, your home isn’t warm enough, or that your energy bill is skyrocketing after minimum use. Likely, when you notice one of these problems it’s because of one of the following issues.


Professionals are called every time your heating or cooling unit needs a repair, but the ductwork of your home often goes neglected. When your heating isn’t working it could be because of poorly planned ductwork or ductwork that wasn’t installed properly. Ductwork could also contribute to your energy bill. Any cracks, leaks or broken seals provide an escape route for the air traveling through your home.


The first troubleshooting suggestion that we have is to first lower the temperature of your thermostat by 5 degrees. This provides a reset to the heating system. If you do this and you see little to no change, call the experts at North Central Florida Air Conditioning and let us come and examine your thermostat.


Filters make a big difference on the efficiency of your furnace and how the cycles occur. Check your filter to make sure that proper airflow is possible. If you do this and notice no change, or if your filter is not clogged, call our experts to inspect your furnace and the surrounding airflow.


If you are noticing spots in your home that are warm, while others are cold, it may be a sizing issue. There may not be enough vents throughout your home, or your furnace may not be large enough. Other issues could include inadequate insulation throughout your home.

Avoid these problems when you schedule an inspection with North Central Florida Air Conditioning. Our experts have the knowledge to repair and replace the faulty parts of your system. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

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