Sizing My AC Unit

When it’s time for you to replace your air conditioning unit, or install new ducts, you want to make sure that you have the best contractor possible. Determining this is a lot easier when you know what questions to ask. North Central Florida Air Conditioning provides incredible quality when it comes to heating and cooling installations and repairs within the Gainesville area. If you decide to shop around, these are some answers that you should keep an eye out for in regards to how they’ll determine the sizing of your new AC unit.

The sizing of your unit is important because it determines how efficient the unit is, as well as how well the temperature in your home is maintained. When you ask a contractor how they will determine what size unit to put in, there are answers that you should keep an eye out for, because they’re red flags. Any answer that goes along the lines of replacing what you already have is not good. Your contractor should take all of the variables of your home and residence into account when they install a new unit.

Another red flag is when a contractor automatically assumes you need a bigger unit. Installing a unit bigger than what you actually need could raise your electric bill to an unruly price. Having a bigger unit doesn’t necessarily mean that your home will be cooler. Bigger units cooling big houses actually short cycles your unit which can cause more wear and tear than normal.

The proper way to determine what size unit needs to be installed in your home is by calculating the heating and cooling loads to maintain your home. The contractor should be the one to measure the house in order to know that the information is correct. A great contractor will also take your windows, insulation, duct work, efficiency, and age of the house into consideration. All of these things are just pieces that go into the sizing of your unit, and the contractor you choose should know that.

In order to receive quality heating and cooling repairs and installations from an expert, call North Central Florida Air Condition today! We put customer service first, and we will always make sure that you’re getting the right unit and work done. Call today for an estimate for your home.

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