What To Set Your Home’s Temperature At This Winter

When temperatures drop in Florida, it’s hard to know how to manage the heat in your house, especially with how infrequently we use our heaters. Now that temperatures are dropping, the experts at North Central Florida Heating & Air want to tell you which temperatures are idea to set your thermostat at this winter.

When we turn up the heat in our home, the cold air drafting outside uses up thermal energy. This happens when people don’t keep their house at a consistent tier and are raising the temperature to heat or dropping it so their home cools. When you find that perfect, and comfortable temperature, it’s easier to warm and cool your home without the loss of energy.

In order to avoid having to move your thermostat constantly, we recommend setting it anywhere between 68 and 72 degrees during the day. This is a comfortable temperature, regardless of what you’re wearing, that will keep you warm and not waste thermal energy by overheating your home. During the night, we suggest that you set your thermostat between 58 and 62 degrees. During the night, your body is at rest and requires less heat to feel comfortable. This tier of temperature keeps your house at a level that conserves energy but is also warm enough to ensure pipes don’t freeze.

If you keep the temperature in your home between these tiers during the day and night, you’ll notice that your home is at a comfortable temperature and that your home is easier to warm and cool as needed. These temperatures are the average temperature that a person finds comfortable during the cooler months, and surely range during the hot summer nights. But, this season, try setting your thermostat in these tiers to see how your comfort level ranges or improves.

These temperatures are only a recommendation, and we understand that case by case they will range. Find the perfect temperature for your home, and ask the professionals at North Central Florida Heating and Air any questions that will help make your home more efficient and comfortable. Call our team of experts today!

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