The Ultimate HVAC Spring Maintenance Checklist For A Commercial Building

When you are the head of a commercial building, you are maintaining much more than the building itself. Your responsibility is also dictated to the health and happiness of your employees and clients. One of the most basic ways to ensure that the individuals in your commercial building are happy is by making sure that you are always keeping up to date on the maintenance that your building’s HVAC needs.

In Gainesville, we notice an increase in pollen and other pollutants that can affect the efficiency of your system. These small maintenance tricks improve the efficiency of the equipment, and can drop energy consumption by about 25 percent. Other benefits include better air quality and lower chances of any future breakdowns. Our team of professionals find that spring time is the ideal time to perform regular maintenance, and we suggest doing so by making sure that the professional working on your unit is following the ultimate maintenance checklist that we’ve provided below.

Change Air Filters

The air filters in your commercial building’s HVAC system dictate the quality of air that’s pumping through your building. These filters catch the pollutants and allergens that clog up your air. Filters should not only be checked during maintenance checks, but should also be done in between checkups.

Clean Condenser Units

The unit that contains your unit’s condenser should be clean at all times. If you are performing a quick check on your own, make sure that there aren’t any debris blocking the vent. Straightening all cords and coils, carefully, and giving a quick wipe down will have your condenser unit looking nice, but will also help keep your unit run efficiently.

Check Refrigerant

In order for your system to function correctly. When your unit is checked, the specialist will make sure that your levels are where they need to be. If you’ve noticed any type of leak before your specialist comes out, make note of that when you schedule your appointment so that we can come prepared to fix the leak.

Drain Lines

Make sure that all of your drain lines are clear of obstructions and that any moisture can flow through the tube without getting blocked. If you have any types of algae building up within the drainage tubes, you can purchase an algaecide that will prevent the growth of algae. Or, let the professional coming out know in advance and let us handle it.

Electrical Connections

This is the primary power of your unit, so it’s important that if you notice any change in the activity of your unit you check to make sure everything is plugged in as it needs to be. When you check your connections, make sure that all the connections are tight and that they are compacted into one area. Small vibrations because of a loose connection can damage and keep your unit from working as intended.

North Central Florida Air Condition, Inc. provides heating and cooling services to the Gainesville area at both a commercial, and residential, level. We want to ensure that the quality of air that your unit is providing is exactly what you want, and need. To schedule an appointment for one of our experts to come and inspect your unit, call our office today. We will perform the routine checklist above so that you can rest assured that your unit is in the best working condition possible.

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