Should My HVAC Be Making That Noise

Few things can be as frustrating as hearing random noises coming from your HVAC unit, especially in the middle of the hot summers where AC is a must. While we never account for these issues to happen with us, they most definitely do. If you’re wondering if the noise that you’re hearing is okay to let slide, or if it’s a sign that something serious is going on with your unit, no need to stress. Our experts have listed out three sounds that you absolutely should not be hearing from your unit.


If you hear banging happening from inside the outside unit, this is usually indicative of a loose part or something that’s broken. This could also be a sign of a broken fan blade, which could create some serious issues for the flow of air in and out of your home. When you notice this sound, it’s important that you call a heating repair professional to investigate and take care of whatever is causing the noise.


Grinding is never a good noise to hear, regardless of what it’s coming from. All mechanical parts will require some form of lubrication to work smoothly. When there isn’t any lubrication for the parts in your unit, these pieces can damage the machinery. Once you hear a grinding noise coming from your unit, call our experts immediately.


Hearing a humming noise from your HVAC unit is more common than hearing the other two noises. It is pretty hard to distinguish whether or not the sound is actually just your unit, or it it’s a noise that shouldn’t be happening. This sound usually comes from a short in one of the electrical components of the unit. This issue could become fairly dangerous, making it another instance where you should call our team of professionals immediately.

Most noises that will be coming from your unit are not necessary. Have one of our experts come out and discover what’s going on with your unit. The sooner you get it taken care of the sooner you can start enjoying the cool and comfort your unit brings.

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