Signs Your Heater Is In Need Of Repairs

While warmer temperatures are on the way, there is nothing worse than leaving repair issues with your heater to fester over the spring and summer months. Here in Lake City, our air conditioning always takes precedence, but repairs for your heater are equally as important, especially since they if properly cared for, they can last much longer in a climate like this. Before the cooler seasons wear off, here are a few signs that your heater is in need of repairs.


Sounds are one of the easiest ways to recognize repair needs. If you haven’t heard the sound before, chances are that your unit shouldn’t be making it in the first place. Whether they’re coming from the furnace or from the vents, if the sound is happening on a frequent basis, it’s better to get the heater checked out than brush it off as a minor issue. If you disregard the sound and whatever is wrong sit for six or more months, chances are the issue will either pick up right where it left off, or be worse than before.


Your electric bill is always a great determinant of whether or not things are working. This goes for more than just your heating; you can compare months of usage with your air conditioning, your appliances, etc. and get some sort of idea if the appliance at question is broken or not. During especially cold seasons in Gainesville, it’s hard not to justify the higher electricity prices, but as temperatures warm up, if you don’t notice a decrease in your electricity bill, there is likely something contributing to the amount of work that your furnace is doing.

Less Warmth

When your home isn’t maintaining a warm temperature with the heater on, or when it takes longer to warm the home in general, your heater is doing more work for less result. This is a primary sign of there being bigger underlying issues going on with your heater. When this happens, not only is it working your unit more than it needs to, but the issue is going to run your electric bill higher than you’d like.


If this isn’t the first time this year that you’ve noticed noises, increase in electric bills or a lack of comfortability in your house, then it might be an even bigger repair that you’re going to need. In some instances, high frequency of repairs could call for a furnace replacement all together. If you do notice that there is a frequency or trend in the repairs that you’re getting for your furnace, let our team member know so that we can look for issues that haven’t already been checked or could continue to need repairs.

If you are questioning whether or not your furnace is working as it should, get a hold of the North Central Florida Air Conditioning, Inc. office and schedule routine maintenance. Not only will this leave you at peace with how well your heating unit is working, but it will also ensure that your heating unit is working well as summer comes to an end.heatrepair

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