Benefits of an Electronic Air Cleaner

Air quality is rising to the top of the priority list for heating and cooling units. It goes without saying that the air we breathe should be clean and of high quality. When you look at the allergens that are floating around the air and the increasing rates of pollutants in the air in big cities, it makes sense that you’d like to have clean air inside your home. However, it’s actually the air inside of your home that is most harmful to you. For that reason, we always suggest having some sort of air purifier in your home. A lot of the questions that we get about air quality and purifiers revolve around electronic air cleaners, so we thought it’d be great to break down the benefits of these air purifiers.

What is an electronic air cleaner?

There are a few different ways that the air in your house gets clean. From the filters in your HVAC system, to any air purifiers that you keep throughout the house, there are a variety of ways to at least improve the air qualities, but none quite as efficient as an electronic air cleaner. These air purifiers are mechanical air filter traps that keep pollutants, allergens and more from filtering into the air that you’re breathing.

What makes these more efficient?

Electronic air cleaners are more efficient because of how they trap the pollutants that they are filtering. Rather than simply relying on a filter to catch all of the pollutants and allergens, electronic air cleaners catch these pollutants and give them an electric charge that is then pulled into an ionization chamber so that they don’t filter through. Caught on an oppositely charged collector plate, you can remove the plate, remove of these pollutants, clean the plate and replace it for efficient and effective cleaning.

Are there added benefits?

The primary difference between an electronic air cleaner and any other air purifier is the efficiency at which these air cleaners work. The electric charge really catches the pollutants and allergens so that they don’t filter through, which is harder for an air filter or purifier to provide.

With spring just around the corner, and pollen, cotton and other allergens just waiting to sneak into your High Springs  home, it’s perfect timing to start looking into an air purifier. Ask our team of professionals which is the best fit for your home. Call North Central Florida Air Conditioning, Inc. today!

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