Why Is My Air Conditioning Unit Freezing Up?

We’ve said it in plenty of blog posts before, but we’ll say it again: It’s important that you are consistent with the maintenance that your HVAC unit needs. Whether it be your air conditioning unit or your furnace, taking care of repairs and scheduling out routine maintenance is a must if you want your unit to last as long as it’s intended to.

Now that it is finally beginning to get hot again, and I don’t mean hot like early spring, I mean Florida heat hot, we are all starting to turn our air conditioning units back on. This is usually when people notice that there’s something going on with our unit. One of the issues that people start noticing is a unit that begins to freeze up. There are a few reasons that this could be happening, but here are a few of the more common reasons.

Insufficient Air Flow

In order for your air conditioning unit to work properly, it needs to have enough airflow. If there is something that is blocking the airflow of your unit, this could be why your unit is freezing up. Obstructions to airflow make your system drop in temperature, to the point of being below freezing. The humidity then begins to collect and cause ice to form. Cleaning out any air filters, ducts or motors on a regular basis will help keep this from happening.


The refrigerant in your unit is there to keep your home cool, but if there is a leak or the levels are low, the pressure of your unit will drop which in turn. This humidity will raise, but quickly cool, which is how ice is formed. Make sure that all refrigerant coils are working well and that you aren’t low.

While these issues are common, they still cost quite a bit of money if left to the point where the repairs have built up. If you notice that there is an issue with your air conditioning unit, get your unit fixed as quick as possible so that the repairs are more affordable than if you let it go.

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