What Is Going On When Your Furnace Starts Clicking

furnaceAs a homeowner, any strange noises you hear are extremely unsettling. When it comes to bigger appliances, these noises can become even more nerve wracking. In the instances that your HVAC unit is acting up and making strange noises, the sooner that you get the issue figured out the better. While the temperatures are going to warm up soon, it’s still important that your furnace is working as intended. One of the noises that homeowners most commonly hear coming from their furnace is a clicking noise.

If you’re noticing that a clicking noise is regularly coming from your furnace, you may also notice that your furnace is not producing heat. If both of these issues are happening, then the problem is most likely that your furnace’s spark igniter is trying to ignite, but is not able to do so. While this could be an easy fix, the chances of your ignition system needing repair are pretty high, otherwise your ignition system isn’t likely to start and produce heat.

The way that an ignition system works is similar to that of a car; in order to start your car, you need to utilize the ignition. In order to warm your home, the ignition needs to be able to ignite the burners. When your ignition system doesn’t work, the furnace won’t be able to produce any heat at all.

So that clicking noise that you’re hearing, that’s coming from the spark caused by your spark igniter. Each time that it attempts to light the burners, and fails, you’ll hear that clicking noise. In an effort to light it, your spark igniter will continue to try until it’s able to light the burners. The longer that this issue goes either unnoticed, or without tending to, the worse the overall damage will be.

If you have noticed this sound coming from your furnace, get the issue taken care of as soon as possible. Call the team at North Central Florida Air Conditioning, Inc. to come in and handle any heating repairs you need. Our experts will be able to determine why the igniter isn’t working and provide the repairs necessary to get your furnace up and running again.

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