How You Know It’s Time To Move On From Window Unit AC

If you’ve lived in High Springs for long, and have somehow still managed to make it with a window unit to manage cooling your home, I have to say I’m impressed. In a state as warm and humid as Florida, having a unit that can basically get the job, isn’t good enough. If you are still holding onto your window air conditioning unit for one reason or another, we’re here to prove to you that it’s time to let go. Here are just a few of the ways that will determine if it’s time to move on from your trusty and beloved window air conditioning unit.

If your home isn’t consistently cool.

While window AC units were the most effective option for a while, that certainly isn’t the case any more. If you’re not sure how this could possibly be the case, consider how often your entire home is cool. The downfall to these units is that they blow air directly into whichever room it is that they’re set up, making it incredibly difficult to cool an entire floor, let alone a home. With a new HVAC system, you’ll have vents throughout your home that make it easy to maintain a temperature.

If you’re considering putting your house up for sale.

It sounds harsh, but let’s be honest, window AC units are outdated. If you’re considering putting your house on the market, it’s most certainly time to upgrade to an HVAC system. Especially in a state like Florida, not having a reliable and quality air conditioning unit is going to lower the value of a property. If you want to make sure that you can at least maintain a standard property value, you have to get an air conditioning unit installed.

If your window AC unit costs more than it’s worth.

While window units are smaller, they most certainly are not more efficient. If the electric bill has skyrocketed since you’ve installed the window AC unit, you know know why. Once the prices of your electric bills has risen beyond the worth of cool air, you know it’s time to upgrade. When you’ve installed a proper AC unit, you will notice up to 10 percent worth of savings on your electric bill.

If you still aren’t convinced, we’re sure you will be once summer starts. On the other hand, if you’re ready to look into upgrading your heating and cooling system, you can count on North Central Florida Air Conditioning, Inc. to get the job done! Call our office today and get a quote.

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