Adding HVAC Maintenance To Your Spring Cleaning List

Spring cleaning is a fantastic routine to pick up. While it isn’t exactly the most exhilarating activity to spend your time doing, it certainly does provide a refreshing and clean slate to the warm seasons coming. In the last couple of blog posts we have talked about tips and tricks that will help you get back in the swing of using your air conditioning unit again. In order to

Start your air conditioning up.

While your HVAC unit has been running heat during the cooler months, and you may have left the fan every now and again, our air conditioning unit hasn’t been in full use for a bit of time now. Check your outside unit out and make sure that it’s cleared of any branches or debris that may have fallen on it. Make sure to also check that it’s plugged in and any tubing or cords are in good condition. Once you go back inside, check the thermostat to make sure the batteries are working and there are no notifications popping up regarding the unit.

Let your air conditioning unit run.

Once you’ve checked to make sure that everything is looking okay, it’s time to turn it on. Start running your air conditioning and let it run for a bit. Give it a few hours and note if there are any changes from the last time that you used your air conditioning. Note any sounds, smells or temperature changes that may be happening.

Schedule an air conditioning maintenance appointment.

Air conditioning units were made with the need for regular maintenance. Without regular maintenance your air conditioning unit is drastically less likely to last the lifetime value. When you call North Central Florida Air Conditioning, Inc., we will go and ensure that your air conditioning unit has refrigerant, all pieces are tight, the cables are safe and more. We will check your filter as well as any vents that are giving you trouble in the house, just to make sure that everything really is working well.

Adding air conditioning maintenance to your spring cleaning list will keep you prepared for the warm months that are coming. Getting this type of maintenance done early will also decrease the chances of any accidents happening along the way. Schedule your routine maintenance with our team of experts and get a head start on your spring cleaning list.

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