Filters, Fins, And Coils Oh My


North Central Florida Air Conditioning, Inc. knows the importance maintaining air units. Now we want to pass the knowledge down to you. We want to express how imperative to keep up on the maintenance of your air unity because if you don’t it is a costly home item to replace.


There are a few things that need to be done routinely to make sure your unit is running at its best capacity. Having an air conditioner unit that will run properly not only cuts down on bills but it keeps your family happy and cool.



Out of all maintenance items, this one is most importantfilter

If filter is dirty or clogged it will block airflow

This can affect the evaporator coil and damage it

Cleaning or replacing will cut energy costs.



Similar to filters, evaporator and condenser coils collect dirt over time

This will create a coating over the coil which hinders its ability to absorb heat.

Your check and clean this part of the unit once a year



Aluminium material

Attached to the evaporator and condenser coils

This can get bent and prohibit proper air flow

Need a special tool “Fin Comb” to get it back to original condition


Other Important Items

Drains-Check these because if they are clogged they prevent the unit from diminishing humidity. This causes more moisture which unfortunately stains walls and carpet.

Call The Professionalsair conditioning repair gainesville

Here at North Florida Air Conditioning, Inc. we know what to look for. We can also check for things that you are not trained in. Checking refrigerant solution, testing for leaks, measure air flow, check the accuracy of the thermostat, and more are things our experts thrive at. Air conditioning wasn’t designed for everybody but we have the knowledge, tools, and knowledge to help your unit run smoothly. Contact us today and will make sure your air unit is in tip-top shape and if it’s not, we take care of that too!

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