How to Choose a Heating and Cooling Contractor

air conditioningHow do you choose a contractor for your heating and cooling needs? With so many people claiming to be “experts,” it can be hard to know who really is an expert in the HVAC field. Finding the right contractor can be an especially stressful endeavor when you are desperately in need of getting your heating and cooling fixed immediately.  


One of the first things to look for is if the contractor is part of the Gainesville Air Conditioning Contractors Association. GACCA is an affiliated chapter of the Florida Refrigeration Air Conditioning Contractors Association (FRACCA), both non-profit trade associations that not only uphold the standards for HVAC companies, but also are always looking to “improve the industry through education and communication” so customers get the highest quality service as their needs are being met.

What does it mean to be a part of the Gainesville Air Conditioning Contractors Association?

Contractors of GACCA are the top in their field and are given educational opportunities, apprenticeship training, code books, technical publications, and are up to date on industry and government regulations.

GACCA recommends when looking for a contractor that you not only find a contractor that is part of the trade association, but that you also find someone who:

  • Uses the latest technology.
  • Promotes energy conservation, and environmentally friendly solutions and practices.
  • Obeys all health and safety laws.
  • Provides quality service with professionalism.
  • Is part of a professional trade association.
  • Listens to you and knows the best and most efficient for your system.
  • Will be concerned with your overall comfort.
  • Will show you how to care for your system and offer preventative maintenance.

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North Central Florida Heating and Air contractors are members of GACCA and are dedicated to providing the best heating and cooling services for Gainesville and those in the surrounding areas. We offer competitive promotions and prices for our customers. Learn more about our company and get a Speedy Fast Quote!

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