History of Air Conditioning – Part 2

thermo2It’s hard to imagine a time without air conditioning, but thanks to the ingenuity and curiosity of those gone before, we can enjoy the comfort of a cooler home and can maintain, and carry out the best air conditioning repair. Read the conclusion of the history of AC below and if you missed the first installment, read that here!

The Forerunner

Though Dr. Gorrie’s machine for cooling using compression was faulty and messy, Gorrie had his invention patented; he dreamed of installing the system to cool entire cities. Unfortunately, Gorrie’s main financial backer died and so did Gorrie’s invention. Even though what Gorrie created was forgotten, it lead the way towards the invention of modern air conditioning and refrigeration.

Invention of AC

Willis Carrier, an employee of Buffalo Forge Company in New York, was asked to solve the humidity problem at Sakett-Wilhelms Lithographing and Publishing Company, a printer in Brooklyn; humidity was wrinkling magazine pages and causing problems for the printer. The final product of Carrie’s solution solved the humidity problem with cooling coils filled with cold water, the heating system of that time reversed. The wrinkled pages problem was solved and helped improve the overall quality of printing.

AC grows in Popularity

The first air conditioner was built and working in 1902 and shortly thereafter, it after gained popularity and The Carrier Air Conditioning Company of America, a company still in existence today was formed. Improvements and further use of Carrier’s invention continued with the first house to have air conditioning built in 1914 in Minneapolis and eventually with the invention and implementation of central air conditioning: a network of ductwork and vents, an invention by David St. Pierre DuBose.

Help for Your AC

AC has become more than a necessity for our way of life from cooling businesses, hospitals, data centers, laboratories, our cars and homes. If you have any questions about your air conditioning or need your air conditioner repaired, contact us and we will provide professional, caring, GACCA (link to previous blog) approved service for your heating and AC needs.

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