Why Do Lights Flicker When the AC Turns On?

Electricity makes the world go around, and without it, we’d be left without dishwashers, cell phones and most importantly, air conditioning. However, sometimes electricity does some funky things, such as cause your house lights and power to flicker when you least expect it. When you’ve noticed your air conditioning powers on and the lights suddenly flicker, it may be time to give our air conditioning repair crew or a local electrician a call.

When the lights go dim…

It’s time you think about the electricity in your home like your home’s plumbing. There is only so much electricity that can be routed throughout your home at one time, just like water flowing through pipes; especially in older homes that have smaller electrical mains. Using a high-demand water appliance, such as a toilet, causes more water to be used at once in comparison to turning on the sink. With that being said, water is diverted to where it’s needed, and if both a toilet is being flushed and the sink is turned on, the appliance that needs more water will take more of the power. The same goes for electricity in your home.

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High power appliances use more electricity at once and demand more power than other appliances in your home, such as lights and TVs. When your air conditioning unit turns on, you may notice a flicker or pause in power due to the massive drain of electricity at once. When a power hog of an appliance uses the majority of the power in your home while other appliances are running, the diverted power goes to the bigger system causing your lights or power to flicker. Take note: Depending on the type of a/c unit you have, it should only happen for about a second or less; however, the sensitivity of your eyes may make it more apparent to you than to others.

Flickering power and lights aren’t always ok…

In most circumstances, flickering lights are normal, especially in homes that are 30 years or older. However, there are instances when flickering lights are a warning of a bigger problem. If you experience lights and power flickering when the air conditioner isn’t on or during certain types of the year, you may have an electrical problem that should be checked by a professional. Reasons why this may happen varies but should be noted that they can create unsafe conditions. Unsafe conditions may be caused by animals chewing through wiring, breaker malfunctions and old wire connections.

Make sure you have a professional by your side, whether that’s an air conditioning repair expert or an electrician. Contact us online today to learn more and feel free to read more about our air conditioning repair services that may benefit you and your family here.

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