House Humidifier May Be Right For You

When you think of a humidifier you may think of being sick. Humidifiers are great for when you have a stuffy nose and it usually is our go-to to help us feel better.

Here at North Florida Air Conditioning, Inc. we want to let you know that you can have a humidifier all year round, and it can circulate around your whole house! An industrial humidifier might be what you have been waiting for.

What it does:dreamstime_xxl_18698827
It’s installed into your existing heating and cooling system
Creates water vapor and releases into the air from your heating ducts
Controlled by your thermostat

Why it’s Beneficial:

Convenience: Dry air can cause or agitate a whole mess of problems including; asthma, allergies, sore throats, and dry skin.

Conservation: Helps protect paint, furniture, floors, electronics, and other important things in your home or business.

Well-being: Many bacteria and harmful germs accelerate in low humidity. Adding humidity to the home will decrease the likelihood you will get illnesses.

Energy Usage: Humidity will make you feel warmer without turning up the heat. This will save money and energy.

Anyone Can Use: There is an industrial humidifier for everyone, even baseboard heating spaces.
Humidifiers are a great option for drier homes. The benefits of having a whole home humidifier are tenfold. It is yet another of our many great and useful air filtration systems.

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