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Cleaning Your Thermostat Safely – Part 2

Welcome back to the blog space for North Central Florida Heating and Air. We are going to finish the second part of the series that we started a few days ago that is touching on the ways that you can safely clean your thermostats. These small pieces of units are always included in homes and… read more

Cleaning Your Thermostat Safely

A struggle with any HVAC unit is going to be maintenance and cleanliness. For many people, staying on top of the cleanliness of their unit is something that gets put on the backburner and can go completely forgotten at times, and we get it. A majority of your HVAC unit is going to be out… read more

Enhance Energy Efficiency With Your HVAC

At this day and age, having an HVAC that runs thoroughly is no longer enough. You need more than a unit that provides you with cool air throughout your home in order for you to be fully happy with the results of your air conditioning because the reality is that while your home may be… read more

Preparing Your Home for Winter in Florida

We may be known as the Sunshine State, but that doesn’t mean that Florida does not experience some cold weather in the winter months. While we may worry less about blizzards or temperatures falling below zero, you still want to have your furnace up and running properly to prevent chilling nights. There are other ways… read more

Eco-Friendly Tips for Cooling Your Home This Summer

During Florida summers, air conditioning is one of the biggest expenses you will have for your home. It is estimated that homeowners in the U.S. spend more than $10 billion every year on air conditioning, emitting roughly 100 million tons of carbon dioxide as a result. This effect will probably only grow worse as the… read more

Common Air Conditioning Repairs

AC on the Fritz? You May Need One Of These Repairs Done   As most Florida residents are already well aware, summer is not the season that you want your air conditioner to start acting up. The summer heat is hard enough to handle outside and not being able to come home and enjoy some… read more

Why Do Lights Flicker When the AC Turns On?

Electricity makes the world go around, and without it, we’d be left without dishwashers, cell phones and most importantly, air conditioning. However, sometimes electricity does some funky things, such as cause your house lights and power to flicker when you least expect it. When you’ve noticed your air conditioning powers on and the lights suddenly… read more

Cooling Down Your Air Conditioning Costs-Part 2

Part of being in the air conditioning repair business in Gainesville is a simple realization. Our summers get hot. Not just mildly warm, but brutally unpleasant. So much so that it can actually put you in the hospital, or worse.  In fact, according to an article in The Gainesville Sun, medical personnel report at least… read more

What Do Those Noises From My Air Conditioning Mean?

As technicians specializing in air conditioning repair in Gainesville, there’s one sound we live for. It’s that same sound that our customers expect and appreciate, especially on a scorchingly hot day. The sound we’re talking about is the whoosh you hear when you first turn on your air conditioning. It means everything is working the… read more

Why Does My Air Conditioning Smell Bad?

There can be many reasons for our company to handle air conditioning repair in Gainesville. The unit works erratically, the thermostat is malfunctioning, or the entire system just isn’t doing anything at all. From time to time, we’ll also go to service visits where our customers report that they’re smelling something, well, odd. It’s true… read more