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Caring for Your HVAC When You Have Pets

Pets become a part of the family, and that’s just the reality. While their cute faces and couch cuddles will often do the trick to forget you about the expensive food and toys that continue to be torn up, there are a few things that you shouldn’t look past. One of the things that homeowners… read more

Cleaning Your Thermostat Safely – Part 2

Welcome back to the blog space for North Central Florida Heating and Air. We are going to finish the second part of the series that we started a few days ago that is touching on the ways that you can safely clean your thermostats. These small pieces of units are always included in homes and… read more

Cleaning Your Thermostat Safely

A struggle with any HVAC unit is going to be maintenance and cleanliness. For many people, staying on top of the cleanliness of their unit is something that gets put on the backburner and can go completely forgotten at times, and we get it. A majority of your HVAC unit is going to be out… read more

Enhance Energy Efficiency With Your HVAC

At this day and age, having an HVAC that runs thoroughly is no longer enough. You need more than a unit that provides you with cool air throughout your home in order for you to be fully happy with the results of your air conditioning because the reality is that while your home may be… read more

HVAC Hacks for A Better Night’s Sleep

Sleep is essential for good health. The American Sleep Association advises getting between seven and nine hours of sleep a night. However, many people don’t get sufficient sleep, whether due to a sleep disorder or simply not prioritizing it. When you get a good night’s sleep, you can anticipate a better mood, more energy, and… read more

HVAC Tips for Pet Owners

You love your pets, so you are willing to make sacrifices for them. Sure, sometimes Fido slobbers all over you, and Felix the cat hisses if you go anywhere near his favorite spot on the couch, but you wouldn’t trade them for the world. That being said, one of the biggest disadvantages of living with… read more

5 Common Heating Mistakes to Avoid

It’s officially winter here in Florida, which can mean chilly temperatures, frost, and bleak weather. On these days, you likely want to stay curled up in the comfort of your own home. However, if you have made any of these common heating mistakes, you may not be feeling too comfortable in your home. Particularly here… read more

A Comprehensive Guide to Furnace Filters

When it comes to your HVAC system, the filter is of the utmost importance. However, most homeowners know little to nothing about this important component of their furnace. Therefore, we have put together this guide on furnace filters so you can be better informed about the different types, how they function, and how to determine… read more

Should I Install a Ductless, Mini Split System?

At North Central Florida Heating and Air, we offer ductless, mini split-system air-conditioner installation, whether in your home or commercial building. These systems can be quite advantageous for certain scenarios as they allow for greater flexibility and freedom. For example, they are often used in multi-family housing or to add on to houses that have… read more

Preparing Your Home for Winter in Florida

We may be known as the Sunshine State, but that doesn’t mean that Florida does not experience some cold weather in the winter months. While we may worry less about blizzards or temperatures falling below zero, you still want to have your furnace up and running properly to prevent chilling nights. There are other ways… read more