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Radon Testing and Mitigation in Gainesville, FL

If you’re a homeowner in the Gainesville, FL area, sooner or later you may need to address the problem of radon. It’s an invisible gas that can build up in the home, presenting an active danger to your family. Because it’s so difficult to detect, radon levels can rise without your ever being aware of it. By the time you notice that something’s wrong, it could be too late.

Thankfully, the friendly pros at North Central Florida Air Conditioning are licensed to conduct radon testing and mitigation services throughout the Gainesville, FL area. That means we can spot the problem and accurately diagnose it, then make sure it never troubles your home again. We believe in improving lives by improving homes, and that begins with basic safety. Call us today to set up an appointment.

The Effects of Radon

Radon can appear in any home, and nearly 1 home out of 4 has radon levels that the EPA considers elevated. It often seeps into the building from the ground underneath the home or on the property, meaning that stopping it isn’t just a matter of keeping your Gainesville, FL home clean. It’s one of the largest causes of lung cancer in the United States, and there’s no accurate way to predict where it’s going to show up.

That’s why radon testing is so important. Because it can appear anywhere, only a thorough and accurate testing process can ensure that it is detected and that proper mitigation services can be performed. Call us today to make an appointment!

Testing for Radon Is the First Step

Before you can resolve a radon issue, you need to test for it. Home tests are available over the counter at most home improvement centers and hardware stores, but they are notoriously unreliable. A professional testing company, with the right tools and the experience to do the job the proper way, will ensure that the testing is accurate and delivers the results you need.

We take such duties very seriously, and perform testing carefully and thoroughly to get the most accurate results. That ensures that the mitigation process will do the job as well, and that your home is left as safe as can be. Contact us today and let us make a testing appointment for you!

Radon Mitigation Must Be Thorough

Once you’ve determined the need for radon mitigation, you need to make sure the method fits the specific requirements of your home. That can mean anything from installing pipes beneath the ground to vent the radon safely into the air to simply sealing existing cracks in walls and floors.

The method that works for one home might not work for another, however, and radon mitigation must entail addressing the customer’s specific needs instead of trying a one–size–fits–all solution. That’s why we work so hard to do the job right instead of just looking for the shortcuts. Nothing is more important than a safe home, and radon testing and mitigation services should be an important part of that. We’re dedicated to providing them for you!

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