Selecting the Right Sized AC Unit for Your Home

There is a lot to think about when you are searching for a new heating and cooling system for your Gainesville home. In fact, there is so much to think about, that trying to select the right air conditioning unit forheating and cooling Gainesville your home can be downright difficult and confusing. Surely you can trust your HVAC contractor to help you, right? Not always. Most HVAC contractors are just trying to make a buck. This means that you run the risk of falling into one of their sales traps and purchasing an AC unit that is too big for your house. While many people think that having an oversized air conditioner means they will get extra cooling power, that is just not the case.

Oversized Units are Costly

Investing in an oversized air conditioner may not seem like a bad idea at first, however, the truth is, your oversized unit could end up costing you more money than you intended. If your air conditioning unit is too small for your home, it is pretty obvious that it will not sufficiently cool your home however, an oversized unit will also insufficiently cool your home. When you have an oversized AC unit, your air conditioner will short cycle. This means that your air conditioner cycles on and off more often and for shorter periods of time. Not only is this incredibly inefficient, but it will not sufficiently cool your home. This continuing cycle will only leave you with higher energy bills, as well as an uncomfortable home.

Unlike other HVAC companies, you can trust the experts at North Central Florida Air Conditioning to provide you with the most honest and accurate information available. We are dedicated to our customers, not to making an extra buck. You can be sure that we will help you select an efficient unit that is just right for your home.

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