Preparing Your AC Unit For a Tropical Storm

Living Florida has its perks; the sunshine, the warm weather, and those white sandy beaches. However, just like every other state, it does have its drawbacks, as well. Like many other coastal areas, Florida is air conditioning repair Gainesvillesusceptible to yearly hurricanes that have the potential to wreak havoc on communities all across the state. While most everyone in Florida is familiar with how to prepare for one of these weather events, there are still many people who do not think about how the storm may affect their air conditioning system. The fact of the matter is that your air conditioning unit will likely take a big blow during a major tropical storm.

Get Prepared for the Storm

Fortunately, many times it can be predicted when a hurricane will make landfall. This allows us to maintain a level of preparedness and take all of the necessary cautions before the storm actually arrives. If you know that a hurricane is getting close to making landfall near or around your area, it is important to turn off your air conditioning unit. Often times, the power supply gets cut off or interrupted during a severe storm. If your air conditioner is running during this time, an erratic power failure might cause severe damage to your system. These interruptions also put extra strain on the compressor, as well as other components, which can lead to a costly air conditioning repair or replacement for your Gainesville home.

After the Storm

After the storm has passed and power has returned to your home, it is important to turn your air conditioner on as soon as possible. It might take a few minutes for your system to get up and running due to the power outages, but you still need to get your unit going as soon as you can. This will prevent mold from growing inside your system. However, when you get your system up and running again, it is important to be aware of any malfunctions that may occur. If you suspect there is a problem or notice any electrical smoke, shut your system off and contact North Central Florida Air Conditioning right away.

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