Are Bigger HVACs Better?

As we’ve grown up we’ve learned that bigger is not always better, but for some reason it is often believed that a bigger HVAC will do a better job at warming and cooling a home. Hopefully you haven’t been found pray to this misconception, because it’s not true.

The purpose of each HVAC unit is to heat and cool your home to a comfortable level. When your HVAC is cooling your home, it cooling the air and removing the humidity.If you have an oversized unit your home will be cooler quicker, but the unit won’t remove the humidity adequately. This happens because of how short the cycles will be for your unit. Since it takes less time to cool, the unit will stop the cycle before the air has time to condense into water and drain from your system.

You may be asking now, what’s the problem with a little extra moisture in the air? Well, this extra moisture can lead to mold and mildew problems in your home. Because of the buildup of humidity, the moisture will have an easy time sticking to walls and furniture creating that mildew and mold.

Another downfall to purchasing too big of an HVAC unit is the amount of energy it’ll use up. Because of the shorter cycles your unit will be turning on and off a lot, which not only uses more energy, but also causes more wear and tear.

Make sure that you are purchasing the right sized heating and cooling unit for your Gainesville home. North Central Florida Air Condition, Inc. can help you find the best option for your home and get you set up!

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