3 Myths You Can’t Believe About Your Furnace

The furnace quite literally provides the warmth that makes your house a home. With an amenity as great as a furnace, why is it that we jump to conclusions and trust word of mouth for our information. North Central Florida Air Conditioning Inc. has discovered 3 myths that people believe about their furnaces, and we are here to correct them!

My furnace is covered for all failures.

While you may have some sort of coverage for your furnace, there is no way that it covers all failures. The reason that these coverage plans are put in place is purely because the original seller knows that eventually, your furnace will fail. And when it does, you’ll come back to them for your next. Make sure to read the fine print and find which components of your furnace are in fact covered so that you are prepared for what comes when your furnace fails.

A furnace is a furnace.

At some point or another there has been that one product where we finally recognized that the amount we pay determines the quality. A furnace is not just a furnace, and the people that install and repair your furnace aren’t just people. The quality of furnace and work that gets done to it all matter in the big picture. Make sure that when you purchase a new furnace you take time to shop around and that you trust the people that will be installing it in your home.

I have plenty of time to look for a furnace.

No furnace is designed to last forever. If your furnace has passed 20 years, you have already passed the point of time to look. Making sure that you know what types of things you seek in a furnace make it easy for you to always be prepared for your next furnace, even when it’s unexpected!

Trust North Central Florida with your furnace and heating repairs.We understand the importance that this job holds for your home and we’ll get it done right the first time through. Call us today to schedule an appointment for your Lake City heating repair!

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