When Should Duct Cleaning Be Performed

Hopefully, by now, our previous blog posts have shown you the importance of your air ducts and how the right care will ultimately make your HVAC unit last longer. In our post today we are going to cover when your air ducts should be cleaned.

Most HVAC suppliers and manufacturers will give instructions on when and how often you should check your air ducts. The schedules provided are typically dependent on the area in which the equipment is operating. For instance factors like climate, filtration, air contaminants, occupants of the home and cost all play a part.

If you have old ductwork, it’s easy for dust and dirt to build up. Build up could also include mold, dead bugs or rodents, and debris. This doesn’t mean that your system won’t work, but it does mean that it won’t work as well. Routine checkup and cleaning of your air ducts will keep your HVAC unit running smoothly for a long, long time.

If you have new ductwork, the manufacturer should provide instructions on to perform the cleaning techniques that need to be done on your air ducts. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them seeing as how this is a process that will need to be done routinely.

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