Does Insulation Help With Cooling

In previous blog posts we have talked about simple repairs that your HVAC unit is sure to need, but one topic that we haven’t covered much on is the importance of proper insulation. If you’re not especially familiarized with the full purpose of insulation, while it is made to keep heat in, it does in fact do the same for cool air. So, how can insulation help your HVAC unit?

When your home is properly insulated or sealed, this includes caulking and weatherstrips, the air that is inside of your home can’t escape. It’s usually when our home isn’t properly insulated or sealed that our HVAC unit and furnace have to do more work, because they’re replacing the air that’s being lost. When they do this, they constantly have to heat or cool the air, also making the work load tougher.

When your home is properly insulated, your walls are retaining the cool air, which keeps the toll on your HVAC unit minimal. If you have read our prior blogs and have noticed that your home doesn’t stay cool for long, there is a chance that it is in fact the insulation in your home that needs to be replaced. This type of replacement process requires the work of a handyman that will come and analyze your insulation to determine whether or not it needs to be replaced.

If your home is properly insulated, and still not keeping cool, call North Central Florida Air Conditioning Inc. and we can determine what needs to be fixed! We provide quality service with all of our air conditioning repair services and projects. Call our HVAC professionals today and get your Gainesville home back to the cool temperature that you love!

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