How Long Does An HVAC System Last

HVAC systems are one of the things that seem like they’ll last forever. With a durable exterior and the temperature of our home constantly being maintained, how could it not last forever. This is a common misconception, and North Central Florida Air Conditioning wants to set it straight.

When you purchase your HVAC system, your contractor should tell you that your system should last anywhere between 10 and 20 years. Now, while they may say that it lasts that long it’s important to understand that it won’t work as well or as efficiently that long. It may not cool your home as well as before, or maybe there are noises you’re starting to hear. Wear and tear from everyday use can create more and more repairs as the system ages.

When your unit gets to the ten year mark, you’ll notice these types of issues developing you can either continue to push the unit until it dies, or you can replace it. If you’re at a point where you’re torn between whether or not you should replace your unit, speak with one of the experts at North Central Florida Air Conditioning. We can tell you some of the advances that have happened since your unit was installed. There may be such great advancements that a replacement just makes more sense in the big picture.

Often, when your system ages, the efficiency of the unit takes the biggest hit. So while your machine may still run and repairs can keep it together, remember that 20 years is an extreme, not a challenge. Taking efficiency and effectiveness into account when thinking about the lifeline of your unit makes a big difference.

Contact North Central Florida Air Conditioning Inc for an estimate on what updating your HVAC system would cost. Our team of professionals is prepared to inform you on the work that needs to be done at your home.

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