How To Reduce The Need To Clean My Air Ducts

North Central Florida Heating and Air provide high quality air duct cleaning to the High Springs area, and while we are always prepared and ready to come and clean your ducts, we can completely understand the want to maintain your air ducts better. Maintaining your air ducts will keep your system running smoothly, longer and will increase the quality of air that is flowing throughout your home. We have provided just a few tips that will help you minimize the amount that you need to clean your air ducts.

Change Your Air Filter

Make sure that you change your air filter regularly! This is important for more than just your air ducts. Your air filter affects the way that your HVAC unit runs and the quality of air in your home. The longer that you allow for your air filter to sit dirty, the more build up you’ll experience in your air ducts. When buildup happens it’s not detrimental that you get them cleaned, but they’re going to need cleaning much more.

Routine Maintenance

You should have one of the experts from North Central Florida Heating and Air come and inspect your HVAC and air ducts to make sure that your system is in great working condition on a routine schedule. Depending on the amount that you use your unit, scheduling these routine visits keeps your unit running as intended and can inspect for any problems that could come up down the road.

Manage Contaminants

Keeping an eye on what’s going in and out of your house minimizes the chances of any serious duct cleaning needed to be done. Whether it be through a doggy door that your pets are coming in and out of, or purely some toxins that are irritable, it’s important to know where they’re coming from. Keeping track of this will help you monitor how frequently you need to change your home’s air filter and will also give you a better idea of what you need in regards to an HVAC system.

For any questions that you have regarding ways to maintain your air ducts better, or if you’re hoping to schedule an inspection for potential duct cleaning, call North Central Florida Heating and Air.

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