Benefits Of A Humidifier In Your Home

Studies have been conducted for over a decade now on the benefits of adding a humidifier to your home. Here in Gainesville, we are used to the humidity of our state, and because of that, our bodies can sometimes suffer during the drier seasons. The specialists at North Central Florida Air Conditioning, Inc. want to ensure that your HVAC system is working as best as possible, and as strange as it may seem, a humidifier can greatly improve the quality of living and usage of your HVAC. Here are 3 benefits you’ll notice when you purchase a humidifier.

Warmer Air In Your Home

When you add a humidifier in your home, the moist air will feel warmer than the dry air that will be in your home. Also, when your body is immersed in dry air, the air tries to suck the moisture from your skin, which cools you down. When the air has moisture in it, your body doesn’t need to release its moisture, so it’s able to retain its warmth.

Dry Air Leads To Damage

Many homeowners in Gainesville know that having a home with too much moisture can cause damage within the home, but very few know that a home that is too dry can also create damage. In Florida, people tend to turn their AC units up high so that their homes are cool, but this sucks all of the moisture out of their home, leaving it dry. Have just the right amount of moisture in your home so that no damage happens!

Reduce Moisture Build Up By Your Windows

During the colder season, the moisture that is built up in the room is attracted to the windows because it’s the closest air that holds humidity. As mentioned, your AC will eliminate any moisture from your home and drain it. When this moisture is attracted to the window, it usually forms into dew drops that run into the foundation of your home and cause the wood to rot, this is especially a problem for older homes with single pane windows. With a humidifier, the moisture isn’t drawn to the window because the air in the room is just as humid, eliminating any of these dew drops to ruin your foundation.

Health Benefits

Aside from these benefits, humidifiers provide endless health benefits such as improved quality of sleep, reduced chance of infection and quicker healing. People notice a difference in the amount of time that they spend ill each year, as well as an improvement in how they feel when they wake up. The added moisture to your home will be great on your skin and keep your nasal passage healthy. The overall addition of moisture improves your immune system.

To experience these benefits for yourself, add a humidifier to your home. There are a variety of styles and sizes, so make sure to consider all your options before making your purchase. For any heating or cooling services you need aside from that, contact North Central Florida Air Condition, Inc.

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