What To Expect During A Furnace Tune Up

Your furnace is the core of the heat in your home, so it makes sense that you’d like to continue knowing that it’s working as intended. Just as with your HVAC unit, in order for your furnace to continue working well, you need to make sure that you schedule regular maintenance and get all repairs taken care of before they get worse. Once you contact the North Central Florida Air Conditioning, Inc. office, and set up a time for us to come out and inspect your furnace, you can expect us to check the following to ensure that your furnace is working as it should be.

Full Inspection

Our furnace inspection will begin with an entire inspection of both visual and mechanical parts of your furnace. This should also include your duct system and any of the wiring and tubing from these bits. Our experienced technicians will be able to take note of any pieces, parts, noises or functions that aren’t working as intended through this full inspection.


In order to make sure that everything is still running smoothly, and continues to, we will make sure to add lubricant to your furnace during the inspection.


The filters that you manage for your AC unit should be changed in your furnace, so if it’s been awhile since you’ve replaced the filter in your furnace, it’s likely that it needs to be taken care of now. Our team will quickly replace the filter in your furnace, and you’ll notice an improved quality of air in your home! Remember, changing your filter should happen more than when our technicians come out for maintenance. Try and change the filter in your home every 3 months.


The technician that comes to your home will inspect the pressure of your pilot and gas and set them back to manufacturer specifications. This helps keep your furnace working as it was built to. If these settings stray too far, there are chances that you could experience a malfunction from your furnace.

Written Assessment

The findings of the inspection will be provided to you in a written assessment with any suggestions or maintenance needs that would require another appointment. Follow through with these instructions in order to keep your furnace in the best condition.

If you have yet to schedule an appointment for one of our HVAC experts to go and inspect your furnace, wait no more! This type of inspection could provide a great deal of insight as to the future of your home, it’s heating and cooling systems, and any repairs that may be creating problems in your home. Call our office today and schedule your furnace maintenance check today.

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