A Glimpse Of What Goes Into Air Quality

The quality of air that we breathe outside is something that people are always commenting on. From the smog of the cars to the secondhand smoke of cigarettes, there are tons of things that pollute the air that we breathe. While we pay so much attention worrying about the air we breathe outside, the quality of air inside our homes is the one that we should be concerned about. The air inside of our homes is incredibly more concerning when it comes to pollutants and what we’re breathing in. There’s a lot that goes into having high quality air within your home, and we want to break it down.


The filters are one of the most important parts of your HVAC that work with air quality. These surprisingly small, and thin filters keep pollutants from entering your home. Any air that’s coming through the unit or from outside, that then travels through your filter, will get rid of pollutants, allergens, and dust as the air travels through them. This automatically provides a much higher quality of air than any you’d be breathing in outside.


Here in High Springs, humidity is no joke. In a previous post, we mentioned how humidity can affect the inside of your home. Humidity also plays a big part in air quality. Because humidity is sticky and heavy, it’s able to carry more allergens, more pollutants and more gunk into your home. Homes with high humidity have strong correlation with an increase in illness, so being able to monitor the humidity building up in your home with humidifiers that filter it and manage the level of humidity in your home, will help minimize the chances of this being a problem.

Air Ducts

While air ducts go unseen, they play a pretty big part in the quality of air in your home. Making sure that you are taking good care of your home’s ductwork over the years is a must. From checking for leaks to duct cleaning every couple of years, having air ducts that work well will not only improve the quality of air in your home, but will also help you save energy.

If you weren’t aware of these facets to air quality in your home, it’s time that you give the team at North Central Florida Air Conditioning, Inc., a call. We can help provide insight on the air quality in your home when we come and give inspect your home and it’s current HVAC situation. Schedule a consultation from our team of experts today and start improving the quality of air that you and your family are breathing.

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