Refrigerant Leak: A Repair That Needs Immediate Attention

airconditioningAir conditioning units get a ton of use, especially in towns like Gainesville. As a resident of the town, you know that our heat waves are unbearable and just how necessary a working Air conditioning unit is. While there are plenty of repair issues that you’ll come across, few are as serious as a refrigerant leak. As your heating and cooling experts, we want you to understand just how immediate maintenance is needed for this particular repair.

What is refrigerant?

This liquid mixture is found in quite a few pieces of equipment with engines that can run to high temperatures. For instance, you will find refrigerant in your car and refrigerator, both having motors that run to keep things at a cooler temperature. This liquid will go through phases as it is used, changing from a liquid to a gas, and then back to a liquid.

Why is refrigerant important for an AC unit?

Refrigerant is important to your air conditioning unit because it allows for your unit to remove the warm temperature from your home. As your unit works, it removes any humidity and warm air from the inside of your home to then replace will cool air that it has filtered through, so units with low refrigerant levels or a leak will not be able to remove this air in the first place. If your unit can’t remove the warm air, it won’t be able to filter through any cool air.

Can low refrigerant damage my air conditioning unit?

While low refrigerant in a car will only make your drive drastically less comfortable, low refrigerant in an AC unit could cause damage to the unit as a whole. Whether your unit has a leak or it’s simply just low on refrigerant, this can cause damage to your air conditioning unit’s compressor, which is one of the more expensive repairs you could come across. The most important part to take away is that a refrigerant leak creates a snowball effect in the way that continues to damage pieces; each piece that is initially effected, affects another piece of your unit.

How do I recognize a leak?

Since these leaks can do serious damage, it’s important that you know how to recognize one. If you notice a change in your unit’s ability to cool your home, this is a good first step. Another way you might come to terms with this issue is through your regular maintenance. Your refrigerant levels will always be checked by our experts, so you’ll know as soon as the issue is addressed. If you do notice a leak on your own, call our office to schedule a repair visit.

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