Ways You’d Expect To Save You Energy, That Don’t

thermo2One of the things we’re always looking to improve is the amount of energy we use. Whether you’re working towards this because you’re wanting to lower the amount you owe on your electric bill, or you’re genuinely wanting to improve the status of our environment, it’s a good goal to work towards.

Plenty of articles have touched on methods that minimize your energy consumption, but not every method truly does save you energy. We’ve touched on a few methods in our previous blog posts, but there are some that have become more commonly used that we feel the need to debunk, in order to help you achieve your goal of minimizing your energy consumption.

Turning Off The Thermostat

It’s got to save energy if it’s off, right? I mean, how can you possibly rack up a bill for energy that isn’t even being used? This logic may seem to be foolproof, but that still isn’t the case. We’ve touched on this a couple of times, but we see it being used more frequently during the months where temperatures are more comfortable. With it being not too hot, not too cold, more people turn off their thermostats to let their home naturally cool and warm. While this could manage a comfortable temperature without using the thermostat, when you finally do need to use your air conditioning unit, more energy will be used to reach that temperature. Rather than do this, enter a comfortable temperature and your unit will adjust with consideration of the natural temperature changes, and not consume tons of energy.

Don’t Think Air Ducts Aren’t Important

Air ducts rarely get the credit that they deserve. In fact, they’re a great example of out of sight, out of mind. Where air ducts become truly important is in their age, the longer that they go without maintenance, repair or replacement, the more likely they are to leak air into spaces that don’t require a comfortable temperature. For instance, most air duct leaks let warm air flow right into your attic, garage or any crawl spaces, that require absolutely no comfortable temperature. Make sure that your air ducts are in good condition in order to ensure you’re not wasting energy on warming up these spaces.

Keep It All Clean

While an air conditioning unit is a pretty big device, dirt, grime and dust can create issues. When you take the time to clean out air filters, dust off vents and clean the area around your unit, you’re ensuring that your unit isn’t doing more work than it needs to. The more frequent that you keep up with these forms of cleaning, the less you’ll have to worry about it down the road, however, even the slightest build up in your filter can affect the air quality that you get as well as how much work needs to be completed to push the air from the unit to the rest of your home.

If you want to improve the amount of energy that you’re consuming, don’t give into the methods that have yet to be proven. At North Central Air Conditioning, Inc., we have a team of experts that understand how the air conditioning unit in your home works. Trust us to come and evaluate your home for ways to minimize consumption with your HVAC unit.

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