The Perfect Temperature To Set For Your Pets

While we’re out for the day, whether at work or running errands, our pets are stuck at home. It may not seem like a terrible fate to be stuck with, but the inability to change their comfort levels, as we are able to do, definitely makes the time at home a little less enjoyable, especially during the unbearably hot summers and the brutally cold winters. With the ability to set a thermostat to a particular temperature, we understand that it can be hard to determine what temperature to set your thermostat at. Here are a few tips to help you come to the perfect temperature that will keep your pet comfortable all day long.

Consider The Standard Temperature

Most homes are set to a standard temperature that suits their comfort levels. Whether you are someone that prefers a home on the warm side, or the cool side, there is a standard set temperature. Your pets are more likely to adapt to this temperature setting, even with their fur and cooling techniques considered.

Drop It A Few Degrees

When your little furball becomes a part of your life, it’s easy to automatically start treating them like humans. While we can most certainly love them to this level, our pets rarely need to be in a room the same temperature that we’re comfortable at. If you are planning on leaving during the day, you can set your thermostat to drop a few degrees and count on your pet still being comfortable. With the fur that they have they can keep warmer in a room a few degrees cooler, and their panting will keep their body cooler in a temperature just a bit warmer.

Provide Exit Options

If you aren’t exactly crazy about leaving your heating and cooling on during the day, having a way for your pet to cool down is a great option. Installing a pet door will allow for your pet to come and go as needed, and will make it easy for them to go in our outside whether they’re cooling down or warming up in your home. This allows for you to leave the set temperature inside just a little bit lower while still providing them other temperature options.

Don’t stress about whether or not your pet is comfortable by utilizing a few of these methods. We are sure that we can help you create a comfortable temperature in your home, here at North Central Florida Air Conditioning, Inc.

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