The Most Common Air Conditioning Problems

air conditoningWhen the hot summer sun is beaming down here in Florida, it’s impossible to deny the heat, especially when days are become suffocating and lean towards the 100+ degrees in temperatures. When these days are among us, we seek the comfort of our air conditioning unit, unfortunately there are plenty of common issues that happen to an air conditioning unit that put it out of service until a professional comes and gives it a look over. If you’re noticing that your air conditioning unit isn’t working as good as it once was, here are a few of the issues that your unit might be experiencing.

A Blown Fuse

The fuses in your air conditioning unit protect your unit’s motor for compressor from overheating as it cools. You will find fuses in the evaporator coil, which converts the cool air from a liquid to the cool air that you feel in your home. If there’s ever a chance that you’re concerned your HVAC’s motor might be shot, the first place that any technician will check will be the breaker for a blown fuse.

Refrigerant Leak

These leaks are incredibly common and happen more often than people think. There doesn’t necessarily need to be a puncture in your tubing in order for there to be a refrigerant leak, in fact at times this can happen while your air conditioning is running. If there is a refrigerant leak that goes into the condenser, the damage can not be repaired and the unit will need to be replaced.

There are plenty of other issues that you will see happening to your air conditioning unit, especially if you haven’t scheduled air conditioning maintenance as regularly as you should. If that is the case, you may also be experiencing issues with your evaporator or condenser coil, your drain lines, your thermostat and more. Rather than attempt to fix these issues on your own, call North Central Florida Air Conditioning, Inc.

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