What Types of Critters Are Crawling In Your Ducts

hvac2Out of sight out of mind, right? There are few things that truly embody this saying as much as our air ducts do. While our air ducts are often entirely hidden from the interior of our homes, they have a very important job. When it comes to our HVAC units, we know that routine maintenance is extremely important, but that tidbit of information goes forgotten with our air ducts. Of course, there are plenty of things that you’re likely to find inside your air ducts if you don’t get them cleaned as needed; dust mites, dead bugs and spider webs, but did you ever think you’d find critters crawling around in your air ducts?


One of the critters that you’re more likely to find inside of your air ducts are rodents. Oftentimes, these rodents make their way into your home during the cooler months. Here in High Springs, those times are few and far between, so the chances of rodents being inside of your air ducts is more likely to find a method of cooling from the ridiculous Florida heat. Most commonly, squirrels are found within the walls of our air ducts. When you notice these rodents in your home, chances are that they made their way into the your air ducts through a crack or hole. If you see rodents it’s a good idea to check your foundation for any opportunities of entrance.


The less frequent critter found in homes, but equally as serious are birds. There are a few areas where your air ducts will push warm air outside of your home. These areas are usually covered by vents or netting of some sort to keep pests out, but there are times that the netting will break or fall off and birds can start nesting there. The fluctuation in temperature is ideal for the seasons where they are seeking either a warmer or cooler environment for a home. This can easily be avoided by simply keeping up with the exterior of your home and checking to ensure these vents and netting stay up.

Routine cleaning of your air ducts is extremely important, especially since these types of rodents can make homes in them when neglected. If you haven’t had your air ducts cleaned in a while, contact North Central Florida Air Conditioning, Inc. and schedule a cleaning as soon as possible. We may be able to provide you with more than just clean air ducts, but energy efficiency resolutions and more. Call and schedule your appointment today.

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