How Does Your Insulation Affect Your Air Conditioning

insulationWhen we think of the functionality and the comfort gain of our air conditioning unit, we put most of the emphasis on the physical unit. While it does play a major part in the comfort level of our homes, there are plenty of other factors that are factored into how well our units work in the first place. Of course this incorporates our air ducts and other mechanical pieces of our HVAC unit, but one of the assets of our homes that contributes more than we give credit for, is our insulation.

For a majority of people, the insulation that is in the home they live in has been there since the house was either bought or built. Of course it was in great condition when the house was purchased, but as with all things, your siding too will eventually need to be replaced.

What is insulation?

If you are unfamiliar what insulation is and where it’s located in your home, you aren’t the only one. For the most part, your insulation should be thoroughly covered. The few places that it may be exposed will be in the basement, attic and garage. More often than not the insulation will be a shade of pink. While it may look nice and fluffy, it isn’t intended to be touched. Stay away from it if possible, or handle carefully with gloves, because this stuff is itchy!

What does insulation do?

Insulation is made from materials like fiberglass, rock and slag wool as well as various natural fibers. This is intended to keep rigid boards and sleek coils from losing any air or energy that may be traveling around them. When insulation is introduced to an infrastructure, the insulation maintains the temperature within by sealing any closed holes and by holding the temperature.

How long does insulation last?

The amount of time that your insulation will last is entirely determined on a case to case basis. Factors like the condition of your foundation will determine if your insulation lasts long or not. While we, as humans, experience extreme discomfort when we touch insulation, animals find it to be a perfect place for making a nest. If there is exposed insulation, your home will need new insulation sooner rather than later, because with holes and thin spots, it won’t be able to do it’s job.

When your insulation is lacking in filling or is old, the walls of your home are unable to maintain the temperature that your thermostat is set at. In the Florida summers when you’re blowing your air conditioning, your home won’t be able to maintain the temperature if the insulation is unable to hold it. That’s why the quality of insulation that is in your home, attic and garage plays such an important part to your level of comfort. If you are noticing that your home isn’t holding a temperature that you’ve got set on your thermometer, there is a chance that it has nothing to do with your heating and cooling unit at all, and is actually an issue with your insulation.

In the instance that you are having a difficult time with your air conditioning unit, call North Central Florida Air Conditioning, Inc. and have us come out and perform routine maintenance or any air conditioning repairs that may be needed.

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