Repair Or Replace: Whats Your Best Option

So, your HVAC is on the fritz. You’ve looked into some of our previous posts and are not sure what could have happened. All you know is it’s time to call in the professionals.

When it comes to all your HVAC needs, we, North Florida Air Conditioning, Inc., is your answer. We repair and replace all type of units. We can also assess the situation and make a professional decision of whether it’s better to fix your unit, or provide you with a new one.

So, which is it?

Repair vs. Replace

Benefits of Repair

50 Percent

The rule of half. Weigh out if the repair is less than half of the systems worth. If it is, and this is a rare occurrence, repair is going to be better for you, and your wallet.


If you are planning on selling your current property, talk with your real estate agent. They may tell you it’s better to just repair the unit then replace it all together.

Newer System

If you have replaced your unit recently then there shouldn’t be any need to replace it. Repair should be your best option.


If your HVAC is right in the middle of being new/old there are some things you can do yourself to help keep your air unit running smoothly.


If you have a home that has an HVAC system which is more than 10-years-old, it is time to replace it. Same thing goes for a repair: If fixing is over the value of the unit then it is better just to out with the old and in with the new.


Because the new units were designed to conserve energy and money, you will save on your monthly heating and cooling costs. It could save a large percentage while your older unit may be sucking up all the energy costs in your home.


Newer systems have a better way of controlling the temperature and humidity, which is important in Gainesville. They also were designed to improve the air quality overall.


If your system is much older it’s difficult to find the right parts to mend it. At this point, it’s better to just replace so that way it’s not more of a hassle.


North Florida Air Conditioning, Inc. is determined to find the best solution for your HVAC system. Whether it be replacing, or repairing, we are honest and professional. We will never replace a heating or cooling unit unless we think it would benefit you. We will treat you with the utmost honesty and respect. Contact us in Gainesville, Lake City, and High Springs.

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