Signs Your Furnace Is Failing

dreamstime_xxl_20866752Winter is approaching quickly; before we know it, temperatures will be plummeting past what we know as sweater weather. Many folks love fall and winter, but some could go without the horrendous temperature drop. Although we don’t think it’s that terrible, some people absolutely hate winter with a passion. So, what could make winter even worse than it already is? A broken furnace, that’s what. In order to help you keep warm from the scary temperatures outside, our heating repair technicians have prepared a list to share to help you learn some of the most common signs your furnace is going out and may need to be replaced.

Warning Signs Your Furnace Needs To Be Replaced

Your furnace is aged.

Does your furnace have 15 years of dust collected on top of it? If so, it may be time to replace it. According to, the average life expectancy for a gas furnace is 18 years. If you’re thinking you can get away with using your furnace for a few more years, think twice. Why? says you should replace your furnace that is 15 years old with one that is ENERGY STAR rated. The caveat to this is that these furnaces have proven to be 15 percent more energy efficient than other furnaces available in the heating industry.

Reach Out To Our Furnace Repair Experts For Advice

Is the age of your furnace 15 years or older? Yes? It may be time for you to give our heating repair experts a call to receive valuable advice on what ENERGY STAR furnace to choose next. Contact us in Gainesville today to keep your home warm this winter.

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