What is Heating Repair?

Not all heating repair companies are valuable to you. Believe it or not, it’s highly important for you to find and choose a heating repair company which will provide you with the HVAC repair and service you need when you need it most. At North Central Florida Heating and Air, you can expect to receive top-of-the-line heating repair services from our incredible technicians. Not only are we knowledgeable, but we’re affordable. What could be any better than that?

What is considered a heating repair?

Any repair to your HVAC unit or furnace is a heating repair. We may even find regular upkeep and maintenance to the unit a repair. Repairs may range from changing out air filters to fixing the pilot light or ignition control. There are plenty of heating repair services out there that will take care of all of your furnace troubles this winter in Gainesville.

Do you need a new furnace?

Under some circumstances, you may benefit more if you decide to purchase a new furnace rather than spend time and money on routine heating repairs. Although purchasing and installing a new furnace may seem costly, it’ll end up saving you money in the long run on unnecessary repairs that could have been avoided. If your furnace is over 10 years old, you may want to start thinking about your replacement options with the help of our furnace repair technicians. We can help you learn which kinds of furnaces that may be best for your home.

What should you do if your furnace stops working in the middle of winter?

When it comes to your furnace, you should never give it a DIY repair. You not only rely on your furnace to keep you warm in the winter, but without it, your home’s pipes might burst. If your furnace fails, you must act quickly to get it repaired or replaced immediately. We offer 24/7 emergency service to provide you with the fast repairs you need at the direst times. Yes, even if it’s 2 o’clock in the morning. Most commonly, if your furnace calls it quits in the middle of the night, there are a few troubles that may have caused it:

  1. A dirty filter. A dirty filter, if not replaced regularly, can cause your furnace to work extra hard to pump out clean and efficient air. If it’s too dirty, the furnace may end up overworking itself and automatically shut down. Sometimes the strain is just too much which is why it’s crucial you take care of changing out the air filter every two to three months, if not sooner.
  2. Problems with the pilot light. If the ignition control system, usually a pilot light, is not working correctly, the furnace won’t be able to fire up and circulate heat throughout your home.
  3. A faulty thermostat. A thermostat is what controls the temperature of your home, if it’s broken and not working properly, you’ll most likely have issues with keeping your home a consistent temperature, or the unit as a whole may even shut down completely.

Call for immediate heating repair in Gainesville now!

If you need heating repair immediately, reach for your phone and dial 855-600-9079 now! We are only a phone call away and are standing by to provide you with 24/7 emergency services. Contact us online now for assistance. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the types of services we can provide for you, be sure you visit our Heating & AC Repair page or Air Purification page. We’re standing by waiting for your call. In the meantime, catch up by reading our past blogs to learn more informative information about heating repair, air filters and more!

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