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AC Maintenance in Gainesville, FL

Air conditioners can run day and night during the height of summer here in Gainesville, FL, and even in the winter when the weather gets mild, your system can still see a lot of work. Breakdowns always seem to come at the worst possible time, and while AC repair technicians can get there quickly, it only takes a short time to turn your home into an oven.

Here at North Central Florida Air Conditioning, we believe that an ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure. That’s why we offer annual and semi-annual air conditioner maintenance sessions, designed to help your system perform more efficiently and stop expensive repairs before they start. We serve the entire Gainesville, FL, area: improving lives by improving homes. Call us today to set up air conditioning maintenance in Gainesville, FL and the surrounding area!

When to Book Air Conditioning Maintenance?

An air conditioning maintenance session differs from an AC repair session, which is usually supposed to deal with a single specific problem. Air conditioning maintenance sessions, on the other hand, are intended to check for a wide variety of potential problems instead of just one.

If the issue with your air conditioner is minor – a loose bolt, for instance, or a clogged filter – it can be corrected as part of the AC maintenance session. If more work is required, the technician can set up a time right then and there. In many cases, the repair session can take place directly after the maintenance session, getting the issue dealt with right away.

The Benefits of AC Maintenance in Gainesville, FL

The benefits of an AC maintenance session vary from unit to unit, but boil down to three basics:

  1. Because those little issues are taken care of, your system will run more smoothly, lowering the monthly cost of bills and reducing the strain on the rest of the system.
  2. The risk of repairs is reduced, since the system isn’t subjected to as much wear and tear. In the event repairs are needed, maintenance sessions let you get an early jump on them and schedule the session according to your timetable.
  3. When applied regularly over time, air conditioning maintenance sessions can help extend the overall life of your system, by months or even years in some cases.

Call Our Team for AC Repair in Gainesville

While routine maintenance can help to avoid the need for larger repairs, if your air conditioner isn’t performing the way that it should it may require repair. North Central Florida Air Conditioning provides a Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee to ensure that you are happy with your air conditioner. To schedule AC repair or maintenance in Gainesville and the surrounding area, call our team today!

Get The Right Team on Your Side

Air conditioning maintenance is an absolute necessity in Gainesville, FL, ensuring that one of the most important components in your home stays up and running day in and day out. Ideally, you’ll schedule yours at the beginning or the end of air conditioning season: in the spring or fall when the need for the system isn’t as high.

Whatever your system and whatever your needs, however, North Central Florida Air Conditioning offers a full array of maintenance options, and can set up a schedule that meets your needs. Our trained technicians treat your home like one of theirs, and we’re committed to a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all of our AC maintenance sessions. If you’d like your system to do its job without costing quite so much, as well as catching big repairs when they’re still small, call on us every time!

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