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Summer Tips: 6 Noises Your AC Should Never Make

June 10th, 2024

Ah, summer. Sunshine, pool days, and… the sweet hum of your air conditioner keeping you cool. But what if that sweet hum turns into a wild bunch of strange noises? Don’t wait for your AC to completely give out on the hottest day of the year. Certain sounds can warn you of potential problems, allowing you to address them before they snowball into major repairs.

Luckily, our team provides 24 hour air conditioning repair in Gainesville for any customers that need immediate help.

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Mold Testing in Florida: Why It’s So Important

May 13th, 2024

Florida’s warm, humid climate creates a breeding ground for mold growth. This can pose a significant threat to both your health and the structural integrity of your home. While visible mold is a clear sign of a problem, even hidden mold growth can cause issues. This is why mold testing in Gainesville is a crucial step for homeowners.

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Efficiency Tips 101: The Value of Duct Testing

April 8th, 2024

Your HVAC system works tirelessly to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. But what if a significant portion of the conditioned air it produces never reaches its intended destination? Leaky ducts are a hidden culprit in home comfort and efficiency woes.

This blog post explores the value of duct testing in Gainesville, FL, a powerful tool to identify leaks and optimize the performance of your HVAC system.

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Mold Remediation: How It Works and Why It’s Vital

March 11th, 2024

Mold, a silent intruder that can wreak havoc on your home, poses serious health risks and compromises the structural integrity of your property. When faced with a serious mold infestation, it’s crucial to understand the significance of professional mold remediation services. In this blog post, we will explore how mold remediation in Gainesville works and why entrusting this task to a professional is essential for safeguarding your home and well-being.

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5 Common Heater Repairs in the Sunshine State

February 5th, 2024

While Florida is known for its warm climate, the occasional chilly days during the winter season may prompt residents to rely on their heating systems. However, even in the Sunshine State, heaters can encounter common issues that warrant attention. In this blog post, we’ll explore the five most common heater repairs in Florida, whether you have a furnace, heat pump, or ductless heating system, and emphasize the importance of seeking professional support like heater or AC repair in Gainesville.

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“Is My Heat Pump Leaking Refrigerant?”

January 7th, 2024

Your home’s heat pump plays a vital role in maintaining a comfortable indoor environment throughout the year. Whether it’s keeping you warm during the winter or cool during the summer, a well-functioning heat pump is essential. However, there are instances where this critical appliance can run into problems, one of which is a refrigerant leak. In this blog post, we will explore the common signs that your heat pump may be leaking refrigerant, as well as the importance of calling our team for heat pump repair in Gainesville.

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Repairing or Replacing Your AC This Winter

December 11th, 2023

Ah, it’s the holiday season in Gainesville, FL. While movies and TV shows around this time might be showing glistening snowy landscapes and frigid cold fronts, most of us will be spending time with the family either outdoors in mild weather or inside with air conditioning.

You might finally have some bragging rights when it comes to comparing the weather with your northern relatives or friends! However, those bragging rights quickly slip away when your energy bill arrives and it shows that your AC is not running optimally.

Don’t worry, we’ll address this situation today. Our blog will focus on ways to keep your dutiful air conditioner running this year, with a slight detour in preparing for a new air conditioning installation in Gainesville, FL.

Luckily, for a few interesting reasons we’ll get into, this might be the perfect time of year to purchase an AC system!

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Don’t Forget About This One AC Problem

November 13th, 2023

AC issues can be troublesome in a number of different ways. We can easily forget how much we depend on our air conditioners while we’re using them, until they break down or cause us stress with their problems. A short-cycling AC is not an exception to this rule!

Short-cycling is a problem that affects any system that runs in cycles. There is a “normal” length of time that your air conditioner is supposed to run, and if it runs longer than that, this is considered a long cycle. Perhaps it’s an extra hot day or you recently lowered the temperature because you have company over.

A short cycle is when your system works for a lot less time than it’s supposed to. This is absolutely a problem, but it’s a bit more complicated than a long cycle and requires a full explanation. Keep reading to learn about how bad short-cycling is for your air conditioner, and what you can do about it.

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Maintenance: An Opportunity for Success

October 9th, 2023

Maintenance isn’t just a service that you opt into and get the benefits from. It could be so much more than that, but unfortunately, word hasn’t hit many of our customers in the area yet. As long as you work with a trusted, friendly technician, maintenance can be a wonderful opportunity to learn more about your HVAC systems, their efficiency, and how to operate them successfully.

Today, we’re going to prove that maintenance is an opportunity to achieve success, and we’ll break down all the reasons why this is the case.

If you were on the fence about maintenance before, we hope this is enough to push you over the edge to the other side. Not only is maintenance worth it from a technical perspective, but it can do wonders for your peace of mind and home efficiency.

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It’s Time for Maintenance!

September 11th, 2023

Temperatures are still scorchingly hot, but they won’t be for very long. We’ve got some cooler, more mild temperatures on their way this winter, which means you’ll want your air conditioner to be maintained and in good shape for next summer.

This can be achieved with routine maintenance which we recommend each and every one on of our customers purchases. But we don’t expect you to just purchase maintenance with a recommendation from the team that provides it! That’s why we’ll go into detail today as to why maintenance is such an effective service and why now is the best time for it.

This might sound like a sales pitch, but it’s absolutely not one. The benefits of AC maintenance in Alachua are supported by cold hard facts, and we’d rather treat this like a PSA than the selling of a service to our customers.

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