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Whole-Home Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers in Gainesville, FL

We rightfully focus on temperature control in our neck of the woods – summers in Gainesville, FL are often very hot and last for a long time – but they’re not the only aspect to home comfort that we should focus on. High humidity is a serious issue in Florida, and low humidity in the winter can be tough to contend with as well. Air conditioners can indirectly deal with high humidity, but they’re not set up to address it formally, and the results can add a lot of strain to them.

The best solution is a whole-house humidifier to handle dry air in the winter, and a dehumidifier to do the same thing in the summer. They can not only render your Gainesville, FL home more pleasant, but can reduce the strain and expense of running your heating and air conditioning systems. Contact the pros at North Central Florida Air Conditioning for humidifier and dehumidifier repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance! Give us a call to schedule indoor air quality services in Gainesville, FL and the surrounding area.

What Are Relative Humidity Levels?

To understand the why you need to control humidity levels, we need to start with relative humidity. This is a percentage gauging the amount of moisture in our Gainesville, FL air. 100% relative humidity is basically rain, while 0% humidity is no moisture in the air at all. Human beings are generally comfortable when the relative humidity sits between 30% and 50%.

When the humidity levels rise above that, the air feels hotter the sweat won’t evaporate off of our skin, and mold and bacteria will flourish. When they drop below that, your skin feels dry and itchy, and static electricity becomes more common. That’s why you need the best dehumidifier and humidifier service to help determine the best system for you, as well as installing it and keeping it running in the most efficient manner possible!

Dehumidifiers Make Summer Easier

In our environment, you want the best dehumidifier you can get. Dehumidifiers work in a manner similar to air conditioners. The best way to get rid of excess moisture in the air is to lower the temperature causing moisture vapor to coalesce into droplets. (That’s why you get dew on the ground in the cool early hours of the morning.) Before you call for AC repairs, work with our team to determine whether humidity may be at play.

Air conditioners do that by default, but they’re not set up for the operation and can waste a lot of energy in the process. Furthermore, there’s no way to adjust the air conditioner’s settings to account for more or less humidity in your home: it only adjusts the temperature. Dehumidifiers can do the same job much more easily: easing the burden from your AC and helping your home feel less like a swamp. We perform installation on quality dehumidifiers, as well as dehumidifier repair and maintenance services!

Use Humidifiers in the Winter

Just as the air can be too humid in the summer, so too can dry air plague you in the winter. That lead to chapped lips, static electricity and increased chances of infection as your mucous membrane becomes dry.

Whole–house humidifiers help eliminate dry air and ensure that your home stays comfortable even when moisture levels dip. With our team in place, we can install, repair, maintain and replace them as well as we do dehumidifiers. If a humidifier sounds like a good option, contact us to discuss the details!

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