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Home Automation Systems in Gainesville, FL

The term “home automation” usually conjures up images of George Jetson or some similar figure: flailing around on a moving sidewalk or dodging robot arms. Home automation is very real, though, and it can literally change lives. Our lives are bound by WiFi signals and remote access, and with that comes ample opportunity to control important aspects of our Gainesville, FL homes with nothing more than vocal commands or an app on your phone.

At North Central Florida Air Conditioning, we provide quality home automation services throughout Gainesville, FL. That includes things like smart thermostats and WiFi thermostats as well as systems like Nexia that can integrate and control a number of household systems. We can cover installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement for all of them! Call us today to schedule home automation services in Gainesville, FL and the surrounding area.

Do More with a Smart Thermostat

You’ve invested in your heating and air conditioning systems, so why not your thermostat? With the arrival of the internet age comes a new generation of thermostats that play a vital role in home automation. WiFi thermostats can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world via an app on your phone, while smart thermostats analyze your habits and make little adjustments to ensure maximum efficiency.

At North Central Florida Air Conditioning, we can provide a wealth of smart thermostat options, either as stand–alone installations or as part of a larger home automation package. We’ll tailor the specifics to fit your Gainesville, FL home, so rely on us today!

Nexia Is Changing the World

Homeowners are just beginning to embrace the possibilities of home automation systems like Alexa and Nexia. They link all of your automated systems into a single system, allowing you turn on the lights, start and stop music, lock and unlock doors fitted with smart locks, and the like.

Every home is different and the needs of each one can be met by a system selected with your unique needs in mind. That’s only a part of the home automation service we provide: covering installation, repair, maintenance and replacement services. We’re NATE certified, and we have years of experience in the field, providing you with the best options.

The Benefits of Home Automation Products

The features of home automation can benefit any home. With all of the things we need to accomplish in family and career life, the ability to make things simpler can be a huge boon to our home life. Home automation can help you take care of the essentials and get back to more pressing needs.

But for people with limited mobility, the elderly and others, home automation can be more and a leg up: it can improve their independence and allow them to accomplish vital household tasks with ease. We’re proud to offer installation and repair services for home automation systems, and help our customers live their lives to the fullest. To set up a consultation – or to call for maintenance or repairs for existing systems – call on us today!

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