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Air Filtration & Air Purifiers in Gainesville, FL

Every forced-air furnace and centralized air conditioning system comes with a filter, designed to catch dust, hair and other debris as it circulates through the air. They are effective, but their intended purpose is not to protect your indoor air quality, but rather to protect the inside components of your HVAC systems.

Here in Gainesville, FL, the installation of an air purifier or air filtration system can help improve your indoor air quality, providing cleaner and healthier air for your family. With the friendly pros at North Central Florida Air Conditioning by your side, you can be sure the system is put in, maintained and repaired by experienced professionals. We believe in improving homes by improving lives. Call us today to schedule air filtration services in Gainesville, FL and the surrounding area.

Why Not Stick with the Standard Filters?

The air filters can help the quality of your indoor air a bit, and you can purchase high–end models at any hardware store or home improvement center in the Gainesville, FL area. However, even the finest air filter can still allow tiny dust particles to get through, and they too need to be changed out on a regular basis, as again, they are intended to protect your air conditioning system and not your indoor air quality.

One of the big benefits of formal air purification devices is that they provide comprehensive air filtration – far more than any filter. With our team serving homes throughout the Gainesville, FL area, it’s never been easier to get one installed!

Electronic Air Filters Handle the Dust

If dust is the big issue in your home, we recommend electronic air purification devices, which work in conjunction with your heating and air conditioning system. Before the conditioned air (hot or cold) enters the ducts, it passes through the electronic air filter, which ionizes any particle of dust no matter how small. That causes the duct to stick to the sides of a collection pan, while the clean air travels on through your ducts without it.

It’s remarkably effective, and while it needs to be cleaned periodically, it rarely requires many repairs. We recommend them for any home in the area, but especially homes with newborns, the elderly, or those with sensitive lungs. Once installed, it can continue to help keep your air clean for many years to come!

Worried about Germs? Let a UV Air Purifier Handle It!

In the event that germs and bacteria are an issue in your home, we recommend installing UV air purifiers into the system. Ultraviolet light is invisible to human eyes, but it’s what sauces our skin to tan and burn in sunlight. UV light bulbs are harmless to humans and multicellular organisms, but absolutely lethal to germs.

UV air purifiers work by shining UV light across the width of your ducts. As your heater or air conditioner runs, the air passes through the light, eliminating germs, mold spores and similar unwanted guests from your ducts. As the heater or air conditioner runs, the air in your home slowly cycles through the system, gradually eliminating germs from your entire home!

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