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Mold Testing & Remediation in Gainesville, FL

The Gainesville, FL area has long, hot summers complete with stifling humidity. In that kind of environment, mold and bacteria can spring up without notice. Even the cleanest home can develop colonies without warning: usually in hidden parts of the home where you can’t spot them. This can have a very big impact on your home's indoor air quality.

The good news is that mold remediation services can clean up mold growth in your home quickly and effectively. The friendly pros at North Central Florida Air Conditioning can perform mold remediation throughout the Gainesville, FL area. We believe in improving lives by improving homes, and mold remediation is a very important part of this. Call us today to schedule mold remediation services in Gainesville, FL and the surrounding area.

Why Is Mold Remediation Necessary?

Mold can be dangerous: promoting all kinds of illnesses in your home. It can spread through your ducts and grow behind your walls, and while you will eventually be able to spot the signs, the damage could well be done. Mold testing services are necessary for finding those growths in your Gainesville, FL home that you yourself can’t find.

That means using the services of professionals with the right equipment ready to go: people who can spot the signs and determine the extent of the issue before getting rid of the mold the proper way. Otherwise, your family’s health may be at risk, and there is nothing more important than that.

How We Detect and Remove Cases of Mold in Your Home

Once the presence of mold is detected and the problem spots pinpointed, the next step is to ensure that the mold is removed safely and thoroughly. The exact method depends on circumstances, but should follow five specific principles:

  • Safety. Workers should wear safety gear and make sure both the home and its occupants are kept safe.
  • Accuracy. The operation should pinpoint all the mold in the home, not just one or two locations.
  • Containment. Mold remediation should make sure no mold spores spread to uncontaminated parts of the home.
  • Removal. All of the mold in the home needs to be safely removed. Otherwise, it will simply grow back and force another mold remediation operation a short while later.
  • Prevention. This is the true sign of a quality operation: looking for the cause of the mold – such as a small plumbing leak or a bent nail that lets the rain in – and taking steps to correct it.

We Cover It All

The key word with mold remediation is thoroughness. There’s no such thing as "good enough" when it comes to your family’s health, and our high humidity levels mean that even a little left behind can spread very quickly. Mold remediation needs to be careful and systematic, to make sure that the mold stays gone, and that you don’t need to worry about the problem for a good long time to come.

That’s where our team comes in. We have decades of experience in mold remediation and mold testing, and we can handle the job with the thoroughness and attention to detail that it demands. We back all of our work with a guarantee, and we won’t rest until this important job is done the right way!

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